Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Statistical Applications in Management - I    B.Sc.
2    Statistical Applications in Management - II    B.Sc.
3    Statistics for librarians    B.Sc.
4    Statistical Quality Control    B.Sc.
5    Reaserch Method and Statisticol Consulting    B.Sc.
6    Statistical Computations-II    B.Sc.
7    Regression - II    B.Sc.
8    Engineering Statistics and Probability    B.Sc.
9    Statistics for Managers    M.Sc.
10    Statistical Analysis    M.Sc.
11    Statistical analysis    M.Sc.
12    Disin of Audit reserch    M.Sc.
13    Advanced Method in Statistics    M.Sc.
14    Advanced Method in Statistics    M.Sc.
15    Computer    M.Sc.
16    Computer application in Sport    M.Sc.
17    Statistical Analysis    M.Sc.
18    Statistical Method    M.Sc.
19    Envirenmenttial stlistics    M.Sc.
20    Research Methods    M.Sc.
21    Inferntial Statistics-I    M.Sc.
22    Multivariate Discrete and Continues Analysis    M.Sc.
23    Time Series -II    M.Sc.
24    Special Topics    M.Sc.
25    Industrial Sttistics    M.Sc.
26    Management of Statistical Systems    M.Sc.
27    Prediction and Control    M.Sc.
28    Statistical Quality Contorl    M.Sc.
29    Statistics Meteorology - I    M.Sc.
30    Engineering Statistics    M.Sc.
31    Statistical Analysis    M.Sc.
32    Method of staistics    Ph.D
33    Business mathematics and statistics    Ph.D
34    Advanced Applied Statistics    Ph.D
35    Advanced Methods of Statistical in Ference    Ph.D
36    Aadvanced Statistical Methods    Ph.D
37    Linear modeles and their application in Genetic Improvement of farm animals    Ph.D
38    Applied Statistical Inference    Ph.D