Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Bayesian inference for the Pareto lifetime model in the presence of outliers under progressive censoring with binomial removals            0000-00-00
2    Characterizations of the Pareto distribution in the presence of outliers            0000-00-00
3    Shrinkage Estimation of P(Y            0000-00-00
4    On Entropy of a Pareto distribution in the presence of outliers            0000-00-00
5    Testing the Parameters of a Pareto Distribution in the Presence of Outliers            0000-00-00
6    Estimation of Stress-Strength Reliability for the Pareto Distribution in the Presence of Outliers            0000-00-00
7    Topics in Data mining    M.Sc.    Hussaini, Rohullah    2012-02-29
8    Investigating the Relationship between Static and Dynamic Soil Properties Using Field and Laboratory Test Results in Mashhad City    Ph.D    ataee, ommolbanin    2012-03-10
9    maximum and minimum monthly temperature modeling of mashhad plain using time series and temperature variations effect study on agricultural water use    M.Sc.    shabani, bahareh    2012-04-21
10    The role of goal orientations for students\' mathematical performance at school of engineering sciences of Ferdowsi univeristy of Mashhad    M.Sc.    zaherbin oshbi, ozra    2012-05-04
11    Modeling evaporation - transpiration method using panel data in the semi-arid climate of Mashhad    M.Sc.    nikbakht, nafise    2012-05-26
12    A study on the relationship between math anxiety,math self efficacy,creative thinking,learning styles and mathematical problem solving on students' mathematical problem posing    M.Sc.    mousavi nezhad, seyedeh hamideh    2012-06-27
13    Monitoring and predicting drought and determining of most effective factors on drought useing of panel data in synoptic stations Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    kavakebi, ghazale    2012-11-10
14    Investigate Changes In Intellectual Capital Throughout The Life Cycle Of The Listed Companies In Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    Fallahi, Saeed    2013-01-08
15    The role of learning strategies at three dimensions: cognitive, metacognitive and management on K10 learners' Mathematical performance    M.Sc.    hedayati, fahimeh    2013-02-18
16    The relationship between iron deficiency, anemia , Mathematical performance and its predictive factors    M.Sc.    abedi, robabeh    2013-02-18
17    comparing the effect of index and models measurement quality accounting on information asymmetry    M.Sc.    sepehrikia, hassan    2013-03-12
18    A study on the role of cognitive style in applying metacognitive strategies in solving word mathematical problems    M.Sc.    bargi, mahdi    2013-04-22
19    the effect of spark training program on gross motor skill development of the 6-10 year old children with down syndrome    M.Sc.    yaldarmian, malihe    2013-04-22
20    Evaluation of the relationship between accounting quality and conditional and unconditional conservatism    M.Sc.    karamdar mezerji, soghra    2013-04-23
21    A study Relation between financial report and type of financing    M.Sc.    Abdollahi, Rahimh    2013-05-07
22    The Relationship Between Sticky Costs and Forecasted EPS In Tehran Stock Exchange Corporation    M.Sc.    najibzadegan, somayeh    2013-05-21
23    Analytical Hierarchy Process and its application in the social science    M.Sc.    khosravi, farzaneh    2013-06-17
24    A study on the effectiveness of using math game on performance,learning environment,student\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'attitude and math anxiety.    M.Sc.    fathi, hesam    2013-08-19
25    The Study Of Components Of Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERP) Of Students With High And Low Knowledge On The Topic Of Function During Addressing The Function Tasks    Ph.D    farsad, najmeh    2013-09-08
26    Investigating the Effect of Teaching Mathematical Modeling Problems on Students’ Flow Experience and their Performance in Various Mathematical Problems, Goal Orientation and their Attitude Towards Mathematics    Ph.D    Parhizgar, Bibizakieh    2013-09-09
27    Extreme values modeling of annual wind speed for Iran using time series and it’s frequency analysis    M.Sc.    mohammadi sabet, vajiheh    2013-09-14
28    Survey of brand equity effect in codification of hospital marketing strategy    M.Sc.    MOUSAVI YAZD, SAMANEH SADAT    2013-10-06
29    The role of financial reporting quality in reducting the negative effect of dividend policy on investment decision    M.Sc.    hatami sini, barat    2013-10-22
30    dividend ratio    M.Sc.    moshtagh, fereshteh    2013-10-29
31    Control Chart Pattern Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks in R    M.Sc.    naghdbishi, javad    2013-11-06
32    Concepts of Gini Index and its Impact on Insurance Issues    M.Sc.    Derakhshesh, Farnaz    2013-11-06
33    Bonfferoni Coefficient Properties and Conection with other Inequality Indices    M.Sc.    Kazemian, Mohammad    2013-11-06
34    A study of the barriers and challenges in the implementation of operational auditing listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    mirzaie rad, elaheh    2013-11-28
35    A study of the Cash holdings effect of maintenance and ownership concentration on the performance of listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange (performance indicators EVA and REVA)    M.Sc.    shoshtari, Ghanbar ali    2013-12-09
36    STUDY of the relation between humman development index and intellectual capital and firm performance    M.Sc.    BOOSTANIFARKOOSH, RAHELEH    2013-12-09
37    Modeling effect of climate extreme indices on crop yield and water productivity in order to adaptation to climate change impacts in future periods (Case Study: Wheat and Barley in Karkheh River Basin)    Ph.D    Ashraf, Batool    2014-01-08
38    THE analysis of relation ship between intellctual capital and efficiency of accepted offices in stock exchanging by using the model of data envelopment    M.Sc.    Delghandi, Mahdi    2014-01-12
39    Disclourquality, cost of capital and investor walfare    M.Sc.    moalemi karab, shahpar    2014-01-22
40    Development of a Regional Weather Generator Using Panel Data Technique    Ph.D    shirazi, pooya    2014-01-28
41    Multilevel models for discrete response data    M.Sc.    hassani, marjan    2014-02-18
42    The study of the effectiveness of student\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s learning styles ,working memory capacity ,math anxiety ,goal orientations ,math attitude and math attention in retention of mathematical content in grade 7    M.Sc.    davari roshkhar, mojtaba    2014-03-03
43    A Survey of the Effect of Changing Audit Report on the Audit Expectation Gap    M.Sc.    baradariazghad, maliheh    2014-03-10
44    stockliquidity risk effecting the quality of accounting earnings on a separate industry group    M.Sc.    khosrojerdi, Shima    2014-03-10
45    The Association between Audit Quality and the Quality of Information Disclosure of Companis    M.Sc.    paidarmanesh, navid    2014-03-11
46    A study of the predictive versus opportunistic earnings management    M.Sc.    POURSASAN, SIMIN    2014-03-11
47    Impact of consolidated and non-consolidated information on the prediction ability    M.Sc.    jafarzadeh, azade    2014-03-11
48    The effect shares owned by banks on market value listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    sharifi shahri, fatemeh    2014-03-11
49    Joint economic-statistical design control charts    M.Sc.    motaghi, maryam sadat    2014-03-12
50    Misspecification and Bootstrap Tests in Multivariate Time Series Models with Conditional Heteroskedasticity    M.Sc.    Pour Mohammad, Vahid    2014-04-19
51    Earnings Smoothing and Future Cash Flow Uncertainty    M.Sc.    atghaei, zohreh    2014-04-22
52    Investigate the relationship of earnings quality and its role in forecast future earnings in various industries and comparison between them    M.Sc.    majidi yazdi, mostafa    2014-04-22
53    Study of Factors Influencing Auditor Switches from the Perspective of Firms & Certified Public Accountants of Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants (IACPA)    M.Sc.    shahrokhichamanabadi, jamshid    2014-04-27
54    Relation between Audit fees and Financial Report Misstatements: Evidence from Annual Restatements    M.Sc.    pezhman, sara    2014-04-29
55    Review on the relationship between conservatism, cash holding and stock return    M.Sc.    ebrahimbay, hashem    2014-05-05
56    Study and Comparison on effect of mathematics teaching and neurofeedback on abilities of neuropsychological and learning of mathematics in spectrum autism children    M.Sc.    alizadeh, mohadeseh    2014-05-12
57    Analysis of drought characteristics based on statistical methods in different regions of Iran    M.Sc.    hatefi, adeleh    2014-05-12
58    Metacognitive strategy training and its relation to willingness to read in English among medical students    M.Sc.    Hassanpour, Massoumeh    2014-05-17
59    Design of coaches performance assessment model of I. R. Iran national wushu federation teams    M.Sc.    peyghambari, ehsan    2014-05-19
60    Analysis and explanation of brand image and awareness Sports sponsors in Iran (Case Study: the finance and credit institution Samen Alhojaj)    M.Sc.    ABDOLLAHABADI, MALIHE    2014-05-19
61    The relationship between audit quality , macroeconomic factors with the corporate dividend payout policy.    M.Sc.    sigari, atiyyeh    2014-05-25
62    The study of the relationship between Capital structure, cash holding& firm value    M.Sc.    talebzadeh bardsiri, ali    2014-06-03
63    The audit fee disclosure effect on the users perceptions of audit characteristics    M.Sc.    zare, saeedeh    2014-06-16
64    Corporate Governance and Earnings Management: A Meta-Analysis    M.Sc.    arefi asl, solmaz    2014-06-17
65    Drought Analysis by Application of Copula    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Samira    2014-06-21
66    The Effect of Restatement on Auditor Changes    M.Sc.    eshaghnia, azam    2014-07-01
67    The role of teaching practices in the development of children’s interest in reading and mathematics in kindergarten    M.Sc.    delbaz, alireza    2014-07-07
68    The effect of the teaching by concept map on academic achievement and retention and, skills of self-regulation of mathematics    M.Sc.    nakhaee, azam    2014-07-07
69    Comparison of student's performance in representation of geometric sequence problems with two cognitive styles convergent / divergent    M.Sc.    Azarm, Batool    2014-07-07
70    Comparison of panel Regression and ARIMA model in forecasting stock prices of companies in Tehran stock exchange‎    M.Sc.    zinati, yasaman    2014-10-02
71    Investigate the relationship between working memory capacity, fluid intelligence and the ability to solve math problems first grade of high school female students Bakherz city    M.Sc.    JALAL AHMADI, PARI NAZ    2014-11-02
72    Reviews feature and comparison for Continuous acceptance sampling plan    M.Sc.    nazari, monire    2014-11-06
73    Overlapping evaluation of information asymmetry measuring methods    M.Sc.    ghabel, mojtaba    2014-11-09
74    Effect of Exchange Rate Changes on The Financial Indicators    M.Sc.    sadeghi vazin, fatemeh    2014-11-11
75    The Relation Between Audit Partner Rotation And Audit Quality    M.Sc.    imani, fatemeh    2014-12-02
76    scrutinize influence value of mobil, crystalline intelligence and memory capacity over mathematical efficiency of students in normal and talent schools.    M.Sc.    ghanei aghkariz, Majid    2014-12-08
77    Evaluation Influence Financial characteristics and economic indicators on profitability of companies,by comparative approach between strategic and non-strategic industries    M.Sc.    safarzadeh baghal, saeed    2014-12-09
78    ‏‏‎The ‎Comparison Neural Network, ‎Decision Tree and Cox ‎Models in Classification of Survival Data    Ph.D    mokaram, reza    2014-12-24
79    analyzing seven grad mathematic books to investigate how much teachers have got to writer desiredgoals    M.Sc.    khalilabadi, mohamadreza    2015-01-05
80    estimation of the parameters of the Weibull distribution in the presence of outliers    M.Sc.    javadi, mohadese sadat    2015-01-12
81    A parsimonious model to forecast financial distress, based on audit evidence    M.Sc.    arghavani, shokofeh    2015-01-20
82    The survey relationship between brand, stable cash flow and finavcial policies firms    M.Sc.    abdi, hadi    2015-01-27
83    The impact of surplus free cash flow and audit quality on earnings management of listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    karami, mohammad amin    2015-02-03
84    Capability index for Birnbaum–Saunders processes    M.Sc.    dariae, Davuod    2015-03-02
85    The Relationship between the independent auditor's opinionand rating the quality of disclosure of financial statements    M.Sc.    moradi, azam    2015-03-15
86    Comparative study of users' views about the relationship Between Mandatory external audit firm rotation and limiting the provision of non-audit services with audit quality and survey cost _ benefits of that requirements    M.Sc.    abazari, zohre    2015-03-16
87    Using confidence interval to compare process capability indices    M.Sc.    parvaneh, zohreh    2015-04-29
88    A meta-analysis of the determinants of audit quality    M.Sc.    khabaz tavakoli, malihe    2015-05-12
89    effect of procedural and conceptual teachers knowledge on students understanding in trigonometry    M.Sc.    mizban, maryam    2015-06-01
90    The evaluation of effective factors on audit fees with emphasis on ceo turnover    M.Sc.    nakhjavan, hossein    2015-06-09
91    An investigation into the effect of surplus free cash flow, corporate governance and firm size on earnings predictability    M.Sc.    armoun, mojtaba    2015-06-23
92    The relationship between the future tax avoidance and firm value    M.Sc.    dorrahki, javad    2015-06-23
93    the relationship between ethics, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover auditors    M.Sc.    Khaksari, Nader    2015-06-30
94    The Effect of reconsidered Standards of Auditing Reporting on Audit Report Lag    M.Sc.    bazari, amin    2015-06-30
95    Directional dependence; Features and some of its applications    M.Sc.    ilkhani, fateme    2015-07-01
96    a Loss-based process capability indices    M.Sc.    teymori sangani, fruzan    2015-07-01
97    The Impact of Membership in Business Group on Conservatism and Earnings Persistence    M.Sc.    Hasanzade, Ahmad    2015-07-07
98    Exploring students' mathematical comprehension in a paper-pencil and a dynamic assessment    Ph.D    Kolahdouz, Fahimeh    2015-09-22
99    Investigating the association between mood and personality of auditors and the type audit report    M.Sc.    mahmoodi, hamid    2015-09-29
100    On the Robustness of the Parametrics Estimation for Cencored Data    M.Sc.    saghiry, Nahid    2015-11-09
101    The Relationship Between Product Market Competition, Cash Holding and Financing Decisions    M.Sc.    paseban rouzbahani, sadaf    2015-11-10
102    The effect of earnings management moderating role on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance    M.Sc.    ghanbari, behnoush    2015-11-17
103    identification of establishment and implementation problems of IAIS in public university    M.Sc.    haghighi, reyhaneh    2015-11-29
104    Fraudulent financial reporting and company characteristics and quality auditing: tax audit evidence    M.Sc.    dehqanian, javad    2015-11-29
105    Model design of integrated branding sports industry with the globalization approach of the market (Case Study: Sport top clubs of Iran)    Ph.D    rajabzadeh, reza    2015-12-01
106    The effect of teaching software to improve learning and reducing misconception in grade 2 high school mathematics studentd    M.Sc.    rahimian, hoorieh    2015-12-23
107    A comparsian earning management and liquidity in tehran stock exchang and iran farabors (kind of OTC)    M.Sc.    shayannazar, saeed    2016-01-11
108    A study of the relationship between ownership structure and related party transactions and their effect on the quality of financial reporting    M.Sc.    Khorsandi, Ehsan    2016-02-07
109    Discussions on Adaptive Sampling Designs    Ph.D    Ferdosi Makan, Amin    2016-02-17
110    Application of quantile regression in the study of 305-day milk yield, calving interval and persistency traits using classical and genomic approaches and the analysis of lactation curve with different mathematical functions in Iranian Holstein dairy cows    Ph.D    Naeemipour, Hossein    2016-03-08
111    Meta-Synthesizing of the Influential Factors on Audit Expectation Gap    M.Sc.    naseri, samira    2016-05-08
112    Examining students’ performance in solving problems about fractional and decimal numbers based on SOLO taxonomy    M.Sc.    Taghizadeh, Behruz    2016-05-09
113    A Comparative Study and Comparison of the Understanding of Third-Year Students of Mentally and Students in High Schools of Ferdows and Mahvelat Citys from the Concept of Conducting the Framework for APOS Theory    M.Sc.    gomnam, hossein    2016-05-09
114    fuzzy clustering of crisp data    M.Sc.    abaszadeh, seyed ahmad    2016-06-06
115    : The Relationship Between Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Management Motivational Factors On Performance And Earnings Management and Innovation    M.Sc.    mahmoudabady, mahboube    2016-06-19
116    Assessing financial reporting quality of family and nonfamily firms by audit risk and audit fees    M.Sc.    kelidari, neda    2016-06-28
117    A comparative study of financial indicators of ministry of Petroleum subsidiaries organizations with other ministries after privatization    M.Sc.    razi kazemi, Atiyeh    2016-07-03
118    Studding the affective factors on disclosure of social responsibility in Iranian and Iraqi stock companies    M.Sc.    Al-maliki, Hind    2016-07-03
119    The Relation Between Monitoring Mechanisms And Agency Costs    M.Sc.    abdishahri, azam    2016-08-14
120    Study of ability of 11th grade students' proof for mathematical proving and disproving of propositions on the subject of algebraic functions in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    moradi, kobra    2016-09-19
121    New techniques in non-parametric process control charts    M.Sc.    agheli nik, Reyhaneh    2016-10-03
122    Evaluating the Understanding of the Fourth Grade High School Female Students from Riemann Integral Based on David Talls Three World Theory    M.Sc.    Rezaei, Abdullah    2016-10-24
123    The effect of sacred months on Price and the Index of Iraq Stock Exchange and its Comparison with the Stock Exchange of Iran    M.Sc.    Salman, Faisal    2016-11-08
124    Survey the Problem-Solving and Problem-Posing Abilities of Middle students (Experimental Sciences) in Consept of Trigonometry    M.Sc.    ahmad nia feiz abad, zahra    2016-11-27
125    Investigating Relationship Between Some Corporate Leadership Mechanisms And Profit Management On The Iraq Securities Bourse And Comparison With Iran Securities Bourse    M.Sc.    Obaid, Wisam Kamil    2016-12-06
126    Meta-Analysis for Genetic Parameters of Economic Traits in Dairy Cattle,Sheep and Native fowl in Iran    M.Sc.    ghobakhloo, fateme    2017-01-01
127    Risk levels of meteorological and hydrological droughts and effect on surface water resources under conditions of climate change    Ph.D    kavakebi, ghazale    2017-01-09
128    The relationship between asset growth and stock returns according to the company's life cycle    M.Sc.    kamelan, mohammad    2017-02-12
129    Using Time Series and Remote Sensing Data to Predict Spatiotemporal Precipitation in Iran    Ph.D    Ghafourian Ghods Kameli, Hadi    2017-03-08
130    The comparison of command teaching style with reciprocal teaching style on the performance and learning of Basketball shoot: The Determine the optimal point challenge based on Gentile’s Model    Ph.D    goharrokhi, soheyla    2017-03-13
131    The effect of visual-motor intervention on the social performance, stereotyped behaviors, Gross motor skills and visual functions of Children with autism spectrum disorder    Ph.D    arabi, manijheh    2017-07-08
132    effect corporate governance and capital expenditures on the tax avoidance in the firms accept tehran    M.Sc.    taghizade, somaye    2017-07-12
133    An Empirical Study of Corporate Loan Contracting and Its Affecting Factors    M.Sc.    assadzadeh, mitra    2017-11-18
134    A study of the effectiveness of internal controls (COSO) and provide a general guide to internal control structure commensurate with the companies size    Ph.D    vakilian, mahdi    2018-01-02
135    Modeling Unemployment Duration    M.Sc.    Esmaeel Nezhad, Zahra    2018-04-30
136    Comparison of statistical models and machine learning approach to predicting banks failure    M.Sc.    Ghazizadeh, Nafiseh    2018-05-01
137    Impact of using Geogebra software in formal caculus(1) curriculum on improving Students understanding of the limit concept    M.Sc.    sarabi, hamid    2018-05-14
138    Generalizations of the Gini index and they inference perimeter    M.Sc.    ghasemi, mahya    2018-06-25